RhinoHawk at the NOVA Makerfaire

RhinoHawk Nova Makerfaire 2016 BoothThe team brought the vehicle down to the NOVA Makerfaire in Reston, Virginia, USA this weekend. It was used to bring awareness to the team’s efforts as well as to the overall utility of UAVs. We spoke to a lot of local innovators and entrepreneurs about our progress, and got some good leads for materials and support as we move forward.

We were located in a large drone friendly area called the “Drone-Zone” where vendors, hobbyists, and inventors alike all shared their passion for UAVs. There was a great booth with a 20ft x 20ft net where people were showing off their systems. The crowd was pretty substantial, and we considered running up the hybrid engine. Surely we could have gathered just about everyone in a 3 mile radius to see where all the noise was coming from. Maybe next time.